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India based R.S.Engineers was estabilished in 1997, to offer towards sale of the machines/ plant through global online sales negotiate sales of small and large machines/ complete plant and advertising through search engines & offering the machines/ complete plant to buyers. We are well known for our quality machines, effective customer and competitive prices.

We are suppliers of (R-U) PVC Pipe complete plant size 12mm to 400mm. Four Arms bio-axial rotomoulding machine 100 Ltr to 10000 Ltr.


R-U PVC pipe complete plant, accesseries, twin screw , barrels, extruder, hot & cold mixer, haul-off water tank vaccume tank, die head, manual, auto, semi auto cutter, tilting unit, rotomoulding machines, scrap grinder pulvelizer for roto moulding and PVC pipe plant etc.

1) R.S.E. 52x18, 22, 25V Twin screw extrueder
2) R.S.E. 65x18, 22, 25V Twin screw extrueder
R.S.E. 68x25V Twin Screw barrel
R.S.E.-140 Twin Screw Barrels
R.S.E.-170 Twin Screw Barrels
R.S.E.-200 Twin Screw Barrels
R.S.E.-250 Twin Screw Barrels
R.S.E.-300 Twin Screw Barrels
R.S.E.-350 Twin Screw Barrels
R.S.E.-450 Twin Screw Barrels
3) R.S.E. 90x18, 22, 25V Twin Screw Barrels
4) Die Head - 12mm to 63mm
Die Head - 63 to 180mm
Die Head - 180 to 400mm
5) Water tank & Vacume tank
6) Haul off - 12mm to 400mm
7) Cutter manual, auto, semi auto 12mm to 400mm cutter
8) Tilting device
9) Scrap grinder 100kg to 500kg/hr
10) Pulvelizer 100 to 250kg/hr
11) Online printing machine (Hot embossing & colour printing)
Three & Four Arms bio-axial rotomoulding machine
1. 100Ltr to 10000Ltr roto moulding machine
2. M.S.or S.S. mould 100Ltr to 10000Ltr
3. L.L.D.P. Pulvelizer 80kg to 250kg/hr
4. Scrap Grinder 100kg to 200kg/hr
5. Compounding extruder 100kg to 250kg/hr

Our Clients

1) Vishal PlastoKAB Pvt Limited, Kathmandu, Nepal.
2) National Plastic Products, Virat Nagar, Nepal.
3) BRB Cable Industries Pvt Limited, Dhaka, Bangaladesh.
4) Bansal Polywin, Sawana Punjab, India.
5) Sawana Plastic, Sawana Punjab, India.
6) Durowell Industries, Bhiwari, Rajasthan, India.
7) Brahmputra Udyog, Bhiwari, Rajasthan, India.
8) Nandigroup Nandiyal, Andhra Pradesh, India.
9) Sudhakar Polymar Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh, India.
10) Polytouch Tube Limited, Chennai, India.
11) Dura Plast Nigar - west Africa
12) Flo-Tek Pipes and Irrigation, botswana,south africa
13) Sujala Pipe pvt ltd, Nandiyal, andhra pradesh
14) Universal Pipes pvt ltd, Guahati, Assam